Her First Mistake By Carey Baldwin @careybaldwin @bookouture #bookobsession #psychologicalthriller

Book Description

I never meant to hurt anyone. All I want is a normal life with friends to call my own. People rarely notice me. Like a ghost, I’m sometimes tempted to rattle a window to get their attention. But tonight isn’t one of those occasions.

Seated alone in an exclusive restaurant I stick out like a bruise on the tender white throat of a lily. And I cannot believe it when, on my way out, I bump into my colleagues having a great time without me. At the center of it all is Celeste Cooper with her shimmering auburn hair and her billion-watt smile. She’s everything that I am not: fearless, pretty, popular.

When she drops her keys, I can’t stop myself. I scoop them up on impulse and hide them in my purse… and now Celeste is missing.

If only I’d called out to her, returned her keys, as I should have.

Wracked with guilt, I join the search, determined to make up for my mistake. But I feel I’m being watched. Is the secret past I have so desperately tried to hide catching up with me?

I know I have to save Celeste, no matter the cost. Butif I keep digging, do I risk being dragged back into the dark forever?

Prepare to be gripped by the pulse-pounding new psychological thriller from USA Today bestselling author Carey Baldwin. Fans of The Wife Between Us, The Girl on the Train and Gone Girl will be totally addicted to Her First Mistake

My Review

A wild ride that I couldn’t put down from the very first page. This book starts with a little girl Mia clawing her way out of the shed her mother has locked her in, only to discover that her mother is GONE! Flash forward to the present day, Mia Thorton is living a simple life, invisible to most of the world, especially Celeste.

“When she drops her keys, I can’t stop myself. I scoop them up on impulse and hide them in my purse… and now Celeste is missing.”

It will keep you gripped and on the edge of your seat until the very last line

Carey Baldwin

Sign up for my newsletter at CareyBaldwin.com. Please click the yellow button here to follow me on Amazon. HER FIRST MISTAKE: An utterly gripping psychological thriller with a breathtaking twist is out now!! STOLEN IS A USA TODAY BESTSELLER! STOLEN WINS BOOKSELLERS’ BEST AWARD! NOTORIOUS: DAPHNE DU MAURIER AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN MYSTERY SUSPENSE finalist Other accolades for Carey: GOLDEN GATEWAY WINNER JUDGMENT: A SUSPENSE MAGAZINE “BEST BOOK” JUDGMENT: BOOKSELLERS BEST finalist JUDGMENT: DAPHNE DU MAURIER AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN MYSTERY/SUSPENSE finalist JUDGMENT: SILVER FALCHION finalist. CONFESSION: BOOKSELLERS BEST finalist CONFESSION: AMAZON TOP TEN MYSTERY AND SUSPENSE FALLEN: NUMBER ONE AMAZON BEST SELLER IN PSYCHOLOGICAL FICTION and NUMBER ONE IN NOOK MYSTERY NOTORIOUS: AMAZON BEST SELLER IN PSYCHOLOGICAL FICTION FIRST DO NO EVIL: AMAZON TOP TEN MEDICAL THRILLER AND BEST SELLER IN CRIME, AND PSYCHOLOGICAL FICTION. By day Carey is a dedicated pediatrician. By night she’s a USA Today bestselling and award winning author of edgy suspense. In addition to her MD, Carey also holds a PhD in clinical psychology. She loves reading and writing stories that keep you off balance and on the edge of your seat. In her spare time she enjoys hiking and chasing wildflowers.

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