Two Girls Down by Louisa Luna HAPPY RELEASE DAY ~January 9, 2018

“You said every day we make a million little choices, and we should try to make the right ones as much as we can. And you said rarely in life do the big choices present themselves, so when they do, we have to take advantage of the opportunity. We have to do the right thing.”

                    ~Nell (one smart daughter)

WOW! I feel like I was a guest star in a huge criminal investigation episode!

Cast of Main Characters…

  • Cap ~ ex-cop turned Private Investigator
  • Nell ~ Cap’s teenage daughter
  • Alex Vega – Private Investigator from CA 
  • Jamie Brandt – young mom of missing daughters
  • Kylie Brandt – Jamie’s 10 year old missing daughter
  • Bailey Brandt – Jamie’s 8 year old missing daughter

Young and spunky mom Jamie Brandt and her two young daughters jump in the car one day, late for a birthday party.  The girls all dressed up and anxious to get to the party agree to wait in the car for their mother who still had to run into K-Mart to buy the gift to give to the girl when they arrived at the party….LATE of course!  Kylie and Bailey grow impatient.  But, eventually mom comes out ready to go. 

When she gets to the car and realizes the girls are gone, she automatically assumes that they are hiding or playing around!  So, she starts screaming for them, growing impatient herself.  Who has time for that? 

But as the minutes turn to hours, she realizes that this is no joke! Her girls are missing!  Before she knows it, the police are involved, the media is notified and the community is horrified.  Jamie’s parents, Gail and Arnel, don’t have the patience to wait for the understaffed, overworked police department to find her grandchildren, so she hires Ms. Alexa Vega.  Vega is a PI with an excellent track record for finding missing people.  As she gets involved, recruits Cap for his connections with the police department, and uses her own round-about ways…the story of the missing girls unravels. 

Readers won’t believe who ends up being involved, what lengths they have to go through to solve this mystery, and who gets hurt and possibly dies in the process!  We read hundreds of thrillers and mysteries each year and when an author can keep us guessing until the end, it makes us LOVE this genre even more!  We look forward to getting our paper copy of this title and reading more from this talented author!

Good luck Ms. Louisa Luna and Bookouture Digital Publishing on this adventure!

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