Anatomy of a Scandal by Sarah Vaughan ~ HAPPY RELEASE DAY JANUARY 11, 2018!!!

“But the truth is, women are often scared of antagonizing their assailants or they feel conflicted; not so very long ago they may have been charmed by them.  And we women aim to please.  It is hardwired into us that we should placate and mollify – bend our will to that of men.  Oh, some of us have fought against that, and we’re seen as hard-nosed, difficult, assertive, shrewish.  We pay the penalty.”

“Law and Order” meets “The Good Wife”… James Whitehouse is an all around stand up guy that everyone woman dreams of being with.  He is drop dead gorgeous, athletic, smart, confident and politically connected.  Sophie, a beautiful, tall, confident, athletic member of the college row team is a looker herself!  It is no wonder James and Sophie hooked up in college. Sophie knew other girls were interested in James but you know college girls…boy crazed and jealous.  However, after college, James and Sophie went their separate ways.  It wasn’t until 7 years later, they met up again, fell in love, married and had 2 great kids!  Life was great.  James was a member of the Parliament, Sophie stayed home with their kids and they even had an au pair. (it’s not like money was an issue). 

Kate, a Barrista (female lawyer specializing in courtroom advocacy), has taken on a new case. She is prosecuting Mr. Whitewater for the rape of a young woman whom he knew from work.  When news breaks of this alleged rape, Sophie sticks by her husband’s side and prays that the jury finds him not guilty of this disgusting crime.  She just wants life to go back to the way it was. But…Sophie is fully aware of Jame’s affair with this woman.  She knows details.  He even admitted to saying that he loved her.  But as long as he was found not guilty, they could go on with their lives right?

What readers learn quickly is that the past is never more than a story away.  The people from a past life who feel have been wronged, will sometimes come back, even 20 years later, with their own agenda to seek revenge.  Who would do that?  Who wants revenge?  Who wronged who?  Well my fellow book loving friends….I assure you, you won’t believe who was responsible for ruining the life of someone in this story and why they came back to make sure they paid for it… 

Almost 400 pages of of furious page turning reading, I finished this book in 7 hours. I hardly put the book down and may have been guilty of neglecting important daily chores but I assure you, this book is 100% worth it!  Gripping, wrenching, scandalous, and compelling can’t really fully describe how awesome this book is!  We highly recommend it and hope you give the author a shout out on social media!

Congrats Sarah Vaughan on RELEASE DAY!

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