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Thank you to Margot Hunt for participating in our Q&A! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you! We predict “Best Friends Forever” will be a huge Best Selling hit!   ~ Mary and Jenn (Twogirlsandabookobsession)

 Q & A with Margot Hunt

Q – Part of what made “Best Friends Forever” so enjoyable to read is how “alive” you made Alice and Kat seem. They both seemed like women that anyone could know. How real are these women to you? Are they products of your imagination or snippits of actual people you know?

A – Thank you, that is quite a compliment!  I didn’t base Alice or Kat on anyone I know.  In fact, this might sound strange, but while I’m writing, the characters are completely real, autonomous people . . . who just happen to live inside my head.  Sometimes they’ll even surprise me, and say or do something I hadn’t planned on.

Q – Best Friends Forever is the first Psychological Thriller you’ve written and it is awesome! Readers of this genre will love this and word will spread quickly. How is the process for writing this genre different from others you have written?

A – Again, thank you!  I loved writing BEST FRIENDS FOREVER, and it was completely different from anything I’ve written in the past.  In order to be successful, a psychological thriller has to have a tight plot, so I was meticulous about mapping out every chapter right from the beginning.  I wrote the last chapter of the book early in the process, which is unusual for me.

Q – If you woke up tomorrow with a supernatural power of your choice, what would it be, and why?

A – Ooooo . . . I would want Magneto’s powers from X-Men.  I’d never be stuck in traffic again.

Q – What was the first book you remember reading as a child that you loved and couldn’t put down? Have you always been an avid reader?

A – I was an avid reader from an early age.  I still remember reading ANNE OF GREEN GABLES one summer, sitting out on my family’s screened-in porch, completely mesmerized by Anne’s story.  I sobbed at the ending, of course.

Q – If we were to interview your mother, what might she say to us if we asked her what you were like as a child?

A – I just asked her, and she said I was a very determined and one-track minded child.  Ha!  I’m the same way today.  She also said I was methodical, always did my homework, and that she never had to nag me.  And her favorite story about me is that I wrote my first bodice ripper at the age of 10.

Q – What secret talent do you have that others may not know about? (me personally… I can do a cartwheel off of my diving board lol)

A – My secret talent is that I actually can move metal like Magneto.  Just kidding . . . it always surprises everyone that I cross-stitch.  I don’t do it very often, but I find it very relaxing.  I wish I could do a cartwheel off of a diving board, but I think that would end badly.

Q – What is your favorite thing about meeting fans of your work?

A – Writers LOVE hearing from their readers.  It absolutely makes my day when someone cares enough to reach out and tell me that they enjoyed something I wrote.

Q – What do you consider to be your BEST life accomplishment?

A – My best life accomplishment is, without a doubt, my son.  He’s the best person I know.  I’m so proud of the kind, thoughtful, smart young man he’s turned into, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for him.

Q – Wine or Beer, Dark chocolate or milk chocolate, spicy or mild, tropical or blustery, sun worshiper or sunscreen advocator?

A – Wine.  Milk chocolate.  Spicy, but not too spicy.  Tropical, but I do enjoy the occasional Floridian chilly day.  Always slathered in sunscreen.

Q – Can you give your fans a little hint about what you are working on now and what we can expect from you in the future?

A – My next book, FOR BETTER AND WORSE, will be released later this year by MIRA.  It’s about a married couple who decide to commit the perfect murder . . . except that nothing works out quite the way they planned . . .

About Margot Hunt…

Margot Hunt is the pseudonym of a bestselling writer of twelve previous novels. Her work has been praised by Publisher’s Weekly, Booklist and Kirkus Reviews.

BEST FRIENDS FOREVER is her first psychological thriller.

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What others are saying about “Best Friends Forever”…

Advance praise for BEST FRIENDS FOREVER

“The action builds to a huge reveal that leaves the reader wondering which of the two women is more twisted. Fans of psychological thrillers will be well satisfied.”

Publishers Weekly

“Margot Hunt’s cleverly constructed thriller kept me guessing ’til the very end.”

– Peter Swanson, author of Her Every Fear and The Kind Worth Killing

“Margot Hunt’s richly drawn women wrap their hands around your throat and don’t let go. A suspenseful page-turner that kept me puzzling over who did it until the last few pages. Fantastic!”

– Cate Holahan, author of The Widower’s Wife

“Best Friends Forever is a clever thriller that asks how far we’ll go to protect our friends. Margot Hunt will keep you guessing until the final, satisfying twist.”

– Alafair Burke, author of The Ex

“Friends or husbands? Who do women tell more truth? Give more allegiance? Margot Hunt shocks and astounds as she explores these tugs of loyalty in Best Friends Forever, a psychological thriller that kept me off balance even after turning the last page.”

– Randy Susan Meyers, author of The Widow of Wall Street

“BEST FRIENDS FOREVER is a page turner of a read, delving into the often fraught world of female friendships and the wreckage left behind when they implode. The women at the heart of this novel are full of secrets kept from loved ones, each other, and most of all, themselves. You may think you know how this story is going to end. But trust me, you don’t. “

– Amy Engel, author of The Roanoke Girls


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