Q&A with William Boyle author of The Lonely Witness(Release Date 05/01/2018)

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  • William Boyle is from Brooklyn, New York. His debut novel, Gravesend, was published as #1,000 in the Rivages/Noir collection in France, where it was shortlisted for the Prix Polar SNCF 2017 and nominated for the Grand Prix de Littérature Policière. Boyle is also the author of a book of short stories, Death Don’t Have No Mercy, and of another novel, Tout est Brisé (Everything is Broken), recently released in France by Gallmeister. His new novel, The Lonely Witness, will be released on May 1, 2018 by Pegasus Crime. He lives in Oxford, Mississippi.

  • 1. Tell us something about The Lonely Witness only you know?

  • There are lots of supporting characters in the book whose whole stories I know. I love getting to tell the story of the neighborhood and the city through little glimpses into these other lives.
  • 2. What are three things you have to have with you when you write?
  • Lots of coffee, music, and books.
  • 3. If you couldn’t be a writer what would you want to do?
  • Be a filmmaker or a musician.
  • 4. What book world do you wish you lived in?
  • I wouldn’t mind existing in the world of Sara Gran’s Claire DeWitt books.
  • 5. What is the closest people in your life’s favorite story to tell about you?
  • My mom likes to tell stories about how I was on the worst little league baseball team and we always lost badly and I never got down about it, I always came home happy and laughing about losing.
  • 6. What is the first book you remember reading when you were younger that you couldn’t put down?
  • I chanced upon my old man’s stash of Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct books when I was about ten or eleven. I think Vespers was the first one I read, and I remember being totally wrapped up in it. I also remember being in sixth grade and reading Stephen King’s It all through the school day and then non-stop when I got home—it took me a while, but I loved it so much.
  • 7. What is your favorite meal of the day? What is your favorite food?
  • Coffee is the thing I most look forward to. Right now I’d kill for a pizza from Totonno’s in Coney Island, so let’s go with that as my favorite.
  • 8. If you woke up with the superpower of your choice, what would it be and why?
  • I used to think about this a lot as a kid. I can’t say I give it much thought anymore. When I was a kid, I think I probably would’ve gone with invisibility or x-ray vision. Now, I just wish I could go without sleep and still have energy to read, write, watch movies, and play with my kids.
  • 9. Can you tell your fans what we can expect from you next?
  • My first novel, Gravesend, is being reissued by Pegasus Crime in September 2018. I have a new novel, A Friend is a Gift You Give Yourself, which will be out around this time next year.
  • A Huge Thank You William Boyle for taking the time to answer our questions and being a part of our blog!

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