Q&A for James William Peercy Author of The Cliff Fulton Series and The Xun Ove Series @JamesWPeercy @JackieSmith114

James William Peercy spent his early years in California,(fifteen minutes from Disneyland!). As to the effect of this experience, we can only guess, but imagination seems to make the top of the list. His later years in Texas, he holds a BA in Computer Science with a minor in Math. Although analytical, the creative side has to find away out. To ease the pain, he designs websites, programs code, and writes. If you like the site/book, drop him a line. If you don�t like the site/book, drop him a line anyway. He will appreciate the feedback.

As in the words of J.R.R. Tolkien,�May the hair on your toes never fall out!�

  1. Was there an exact moment in time when you realized that you were meant to write?

Yes. In middle school, I used to go to the school library and check out books. One day, I picked up a copy of Red Planet by Robert A Heinlein. From that day forward, I wanted to be an author. When, again during middle school, I was assigned to memorize The Concord Hymn by Ralph Waldo Emerson. At that moment, I knew I had to write poetry too!

 2. Do you wake up in the middle of the night with ideas for your books and poetry or do your ideas come to you differently?

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night. Most of the time, the ideas come to me in the morning or during the day. I have to always keep a way to record them near me!

3.What is it like working with Jacqeline E. Smith?

Jacqueline has a heart that is so loving. It is always a joy to be around her. Her eyes sparkle when she is delighted in something. She is a wonderful friend and a great author!

4. How do you collaborate?

 Usually, Jackie will pick some photos she likes and place them in a spot where I can see them. I then go through them, pull some I feel drawn to, and write the emotions I can sense as directed by the photographs.

But even more than that, we will sometimes go out on adventures with our cameras. Watching the pleasure she takes from every shot is what helps me know the emotions to capture.

5.What is your biggest fear?

Ha Ha. When I was a young boy, a honey bee flew into my ear. To this day, I still guard them against insects, lol.

6. What is the biggest lie you ever told?

I don’t really remember this, but apparently, one Easter, when I was around 3 years old, I was Easter egg hunting. At the end of the hunt, there was one egg missing. My parents had checked all the places they had hidden them. They asked me what I had done with the egg. Apparently I told them I ate it whole, shell and all. We may never know the truth of this, lol.

 7.What is the absolute grossest food you have ever tasted?

Chitlins. To get it down, I had to use LOTS of ketchup. Apparently, those that try this type of food either love it or hate, lol.

8. If we asked your family to tell us a funny story about you, what do you think they would say?

The Easter egg story, most definitely, lol.

 9.What is your favorite genre to write?

 Truly, I have no favorite.


 I love the creation of stories whether they be novels or lines of verse.

 10.If you didn’t write books, what would be another dream job?

Computer programming and computer troubleshooting, both of which I do. To me, they are similar in that we create through a language. Although, there are times when I tire of the programming and simply must write.

 11.Can you give your fans an idea about what you are working on next or what we might expect?

Jackie and I have talked about a spring and/or summer collaborated book. We may even be working with a zoo to create a poetry/photography book based upon the animals!

 I am also finishing the fifth book in my Xun Ove fantasy series, working on a paranormal romance, completing a mystery series, and doing a third book about Ivan, Universal Space Tech.

Oh! And Within the Heart of Silence was just awarded the 2017 New Apple Solo Medalist award for poetry!!



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