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Lissa Redmond was born in Buffalo and grew up in a compact little neighborhood south of the city called Woodlawn, squashed between the massive Bethlehem Steel plant and Ford Stamping plant. Growing up she rode her bike, played on the shores of Lake Erie and never dreamed she’d someday be a cop.

During her days at the University of Buffalo she took the exam to be a city of Buffalo police officer and got on the job. At the age of twenty-two they gave her gun, a badge, a bullet proof vest, and put her on patrol. Twenty-two years, a detective’s badge, a fellow detective husband and two kids later, she retired to pursue a “normal” life.

She decided to become a writer instead.

Now she still lives in Buffalo with her husband, raises her kids, feeds and pampers her ungrateful cat, and writes about the things that kept her up at night, staring at the ceiling in the dark, asking herself, “What if?”

And she invites you to come along.

Author Q & A for Lissa Marie Redmond

Q – Everyone knows that the most successful writers write what they know. You take the meaning of that to a whole new level!! So how much of an influence on your writing, is being an ex- cop who worked with cold case homicide cases? Do you use any bits of real cases in your stories?

A – My career definitely has influenced my writing. It’s provided enough mental material for a hundred books, although I purposely try to steer clear of actual cases I worked on. That being said, I apply everything ( well, maybe not EVERYTHING) I learned over 22 years in law enforcement to my writing.

Q – How do you explain the topic of what you write about to your kids? What do they think about it? Do they love to write?

A – They are teenagers and aren’t very interested in reading my book or short stories at this point. They’ve lived with the fact that both of their parents were or are homicide detectives their entire lives. Murder and crime don’t interest them as much as YA books, especially fantasy. Both of my daughters loving reading and are excellent writers.  Even though they haven’t read my novel yet, they ask me to read things they’ve written and give my opinion. I’m a little biased, but I think the could both write circles around me if they tried!

Q – If you woke up tomorrow with a supernatural power of your choice, what would it be, and why?

A – The power to heal. There is so much pain and suffering in the world, to be able to stop even a little of it would be super enough.

Q –  Can you describe the most influential educator you had in your life…someone who encouraged you to pursue your dreams?

I had an English teacher in eleventh grade who subtly encouraged me. He was one of those rare educators who knew that gently steering me in the right direction would be much more successful with someone like me. Hopefully he’s enjoying a very happy and well-deserved retirement somewhere!

Q – If we were to interview your mother or father, what might she say to us if we asked her what you were like as a child?

A – They’d say I was a total bookworm!

Q –  Preferences… cold beer, aged wine – spicy or mild – dark chocolate or milk chocolate – beachside or country living – ice cream sundae or cone?

A – Black Coffee. Mild (especially if it’s chicken wings). Milk chocolate and lots of it. Beachside. Waffle cone dipped in chocolate.

Q – What are some of your pet peeves about other people?

A – I’m a firm believer that the things you hate in other people are the things you hate about yourself.

Q – Besides your kids and marriage, what do you consider to be your BEST life accomplishment?

A – Helping to catch a serial killer and helping to get two innocent people out of prison. That’s the shortest answer I can give to three very long, true stories.

Q – What crime/thriller/suspense book or series did you first read that may have turned you on to loving this genre?

A – I’m a huge Agatha Christie fan. She was the writer that most got me interested in the mystery genre, after the Nancy Drew books I grew up on, of course. I discovered Ed McBain and his 87th Precinct novels after I got on the police department and loved every book.

Q – Can you give your fans a little hint about what you are working on now and what we can expect from you in the future?

A – I’ve started book three in the cold case investigations series but I’m also working on a separate stand alone. It’s a new character with completely different challenges in a setting I love. I’m really excited about it as it’s stretching my skills as a writer.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to participate!


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