The Promise by Teresa Driscoll ~ Publication Day 2/7/19 @teresadriscoll @agentmilburn

It was their darkest secret. Three schoolgirls made a promise – to take the horrible truth of what they did to the grave.

Thirty years later, Beth and Sally have tried to put the trauma behind them. Though Carol has distanced herself from her former friends, the three are adamant that the truth must never come to light, even if the memory still haunts them.

But when some shocking news threatens to unearth their dark secret, Beth enlists the help of private investigator Matthew Hill to help her and Sally reconnect with estranged Carol ­– before the terrible act they committed as teenagers is revealed.

Beth wishes she could take back the vow they made.

But somebody is watching and will stop at nothing to ensure the secret stays buried. Now, with her beloved family in peril, can Beth still keep the promise?

Three girls, a secret from the past resurfaced, and a promise kept…these are the things that will keep you reading through Teresa Driscoll’s newest title, “The Promise”.

There are secrets that Carol, Sally and Beth wish they could keep buried in the past. However, when news breaks that the school they attended is closing and they have been invited to a closing ceremony, the buried secrets are resurfaced. As a matter of fact, when one secret surfaces there are usually more that follow.

Layers of characters intertwined in ways you won’t expect will dance around the pages as the plot unravels. You will be surprised to see who can be trusted, who should never have been trusted, and who is behind the sinister happenings in this twisted tale.

Teresa Driscoll is a talented author of psychological thrillers! We have been lucky enough to receive this ARC in exchange for an honest review! Amazing!

Teresa Driscoll – a former BBC TV news presenter – is now an international #1 bestselling author. Her debut psychological suspense I AM WATCHING YOU hit Kindle NUMBER ONE in the UK, USA and Australia and sold half a million copies in its first year. Her second thriller THE FRIEND was also NUMBER ONE in the UK and Australia and a top #10 bestseller in the USA. 
Teresa’s work has been sold for translation to 20 countries and optioned for film. She also writes women’s fiction; RECIPES FOR MELISSA was auctioned at the Frankfurt book fair between seven German publishers and her second women’s fiction title is LAST KISS GOODNIGHT.
During her long career as a journalist, Teresa worked for newspapers, magazines and television, including 15 years presenting the BBC TV news programme Spotlight. Covering crime for so long, she was deeply moved by the haunting impact on the relatives, the friends and the witnesses and it is those ripples she explores now in her darker fiction.
Teresa lives in glorious Devon with her family and blogs regularly about her “writing life” at her website –

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