Not My Mother by Miranda Smith Publication Day 3/29/21 Guest Blogger Review by Alicia Ulberg @bookouture @NetGalley @MirandaSmith


What if the person you trust most in the world is lying to you?

I’d heard of the Baby Caroline case, of course. When a baby is snatched from her mother’s arms, the whole country knows about it. I knew about the parents left lying by the swimming pool, the open window in the nursery. But I never dreamed it had anything to do with me.

Today, my beautiful daughter turned one. We were unwrapping gifts and blowing out candles when the knock came at the door, and they took my mother away.

The police say she’s not really my mother. That she stole me, thirty years ago.

When I visit her, desperate for answers, she looks me in the eye, and says nothing. I can barely breathe. Is my whole life a lie?

I have to find out, but the more I learn, the more scared I become. And soon I start to wonder, am I losing my grip on reality or is my own daughter in terrible danger?

Our Review

“She knew it then, could feel it in her bones. Her baby was missing. Baby Caroline was gone.”

When a book starts out like this, you know you are in for a rollercoaster ride. Not My Mother, by Miranda Smith was just this. A rollercoaster of emotions from the first chapter right until the last. From the very first page, you will meet characters that you are completely unsure of their motive or if they even have one. There are characters that you will love one minute and then think you hate the next minute only to be right back to loving them again. It has twists and turns that you will not expect and will take you on a journey through Marion and Eileen’s lives. Who is Eileen for real and what does she have to do with the kidnapping of Baby Caroline?

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