Becoming Mrs. Abbott by Kiersten Modglin ~ Publication Day 2016~ @kierstenmodglin 📚TOP 10 BEST THRILLERS …EVER📚 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


The Abbotts are liars.
Their charming facade is far from the chilling reality that exists behind closed doors. 
Despite their secrets, they aren’t killers…or are they?

When a member of their quiet community is brutally murdered, the Abbotts find themselves prime suspects of the crime. 
The couple is desperate to prove their innocence, but when a tape is discovered with horrifying evidence, everything changes.

With shocking truths beginning to surface, Rachael and Caide must decide just how far they are willing to go to protect those they love.

Can they trust anyone around them, including each other?

They’re liars, remember?


First let me say that I have read thousands of books… hundreds and hundreds of thrillers. Most of them, although I love them and praise them after reading, are forgettable after a while. But then, there are the thrillers that stay with you. Days, months, years and decades later, they stay with you. These are the books that you go to right away when someone says they need a good book to read. With that being said, THIS book… 😳 where can I start? I’ll address the characters directly since they are the reasons I will talk about this book for years and years to come…

Dear Characters,

Caide, you are a scum bag. I knew that from the second I met you in the very first chapter. I hated your stupid slimy guts and your stupid entitled attitude. Although I briefly softened when you tried to do right by Rachel, it didn’t last long. You quickly proved yourself to be the cowardly womanizer I first suspected. I secretly hoped you’d rot (that’s was after chapter 1). It only gets worse. If I met you, I’d throat punch you. *read it and you’ll understand*

Rachel, girl… get it together. You are better than that. You deserve better. I give you creds for trying to stick it out for your kids but… damn… how many chances are you willing to give? Well… that bit you in the ass didn’t it? But listen, I don’t claim to know what it’s like to be in your shoes but if you were my best friend, I’d surely give you my two cents. But wait… it also seems you need some help in the “picking your best friends area”… ugh. Your life is a tangled mess. Clearly… it all started the day you met “Prince Charming” 🙄

Blaire, get your own man! Stop playing the “poor me-other woman-you know you want me” routine. Readers won’t buy it. The “other woman” role… it’s old Blaire. No sympathy here. Well, maybe a little. Seeing how you got yourself in a big old predicament that maybe you didn’t deserve. But c’mon… what did you think would happen?

Audrey, I hate you. You suck. You call yourself a BFF? Pffff…. NOT by any friend standard of mine!

Caides parents… shame. Just shame. You reap what you sow. Now don’t ya….

Blaire’s mom, Pam (or whatever you call yourself) … really?

Mrs. Moore, there are mistakes that are regrets like … eating too much chocolate cake or slipping a candy bar into your purse instead of paying for it. But what you did… geez. How do you sleep at night?

Hampton and Shayna, thank you. Just thank you.


A Loyal Reader 📚🤪

Now, in case you don’t understand the passion and love I had for this book by my review above… maybe you should read it yourself. In fact, you are absolutely crazy if you let this one go another minute on your shelf without being read! Good luck!

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Kiersten Modglin

Kiersten Modglin is an Amazon Top 30 bestselling author of psychological thrillers, a member of International Thriller Writers and the Alliance of Independent Authors, a KDP Select All-Star, and a ThrillerFix Best Psychological Thriller Award Recipient. Kiersten grew up in rural Western Kentucky with dreams of someday publishing a book or two. With more than twenty-five books published to date, Kiersten now lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, daughter, and their two Boston Terriers: Cedric and Georgie. She is best known for her unpredictable psychological suspense. Kiersten’s work is currently being translated into multiple languages and readers across the world refer to her as ‘The Queen of Twists.’ A Netflix addict, Shonda Rhimes super-fan, psychology fanatic, and indoor enthusiast, Kiersten enjoys rainy days spent with her nose in a book.






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